Inhaling Autumn Exhaling Summer

And then it was September…. Do you sense the change in the air, your surroundings, your body? This past week really feels like Autumn has officially arrived….and I adore it.

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, the array of colours, the evenings closing in, the pace of life slowing down. The equinox is approaching us later this month. It is a wonderful opportunity to go inwards.

I am down home in Ballyvaughan for a few days this week and the energy feels different it feels good….my normal! This morning I went for a wonderful sunrise swim and mindfully drank my cacao whilst listening to the birds and watching the day come alive. Not a bad way to start the week!!

There is also a new moon this week in Virgo. During a New Moon an opportunity to manifest wishes and intentions presents itself. I have mentioned before that this past year I have consciously tunned into the moon and its monthly cycles, I am following old rituals and creating new and have found that it is a great way to check in each month and see where you are at with goals and growth.

What New Moon wishes and intentions would you like this month?

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