Discovering Mama Cacao

Since the beginning of 2021 I have gone on a little cacao adventure. On this journey I have connected to deeper levels within myself, reconnected with nature and felt its warm embrace and shared it with friends, family, and met new people along the way.

My first experience was with my beautiful soul sister Delia and her brother on a stormy winter weekend in Fanore. Each time I drink my cacao I give thanks to her for sharing this wonderful plant medicine with me. I really didn’t know a whole lot about Mama Cacao and the multitude of benefits it brings. I started off with drinking cacao in the morning as a way to start the day and journal more. As the weeks went on, I discovered I was calmer and more focussed going into my day, and even just the idea of setting an intention whilst drinking my cacao felt good.

As the spring and summer passed, I made some big life decisions which were most certainly encouraged by my new daily ritual, I decided to really dive in a little deeper and gain more of an understanding about this wonderful plant medicine. I signed up to do the facilitator training with Keith’s Cacao, and so far, it has been a wonderful experience, connecting with people from all over the world and hearing how they were called by mama cacao.

What does Ceremonial Cacao do?

Ceremonial Cacao is a plant medicine that was cultivated in Central and South America. It is said to be HEART OPENING.

What does it contain?

• Theobromine – a heart stimulant which helps to lift your mood, increase mental focus, and relaxes smooth muscle tissues.

• Magnesium – A 28gram serving of Cacao will provide you with 103mg of magnesium which exceeds the recommended daily serving (100mg). Magnesium aids in relaxation, promotes bone & heart health, relives anxiety, pms & constipation

• PEA (Phenylethylamine) – The Love Chemical, it aids in inner expansion, increases dopamine production, helps mood and focus

• Anandamide – The Bliss Chemical, creates outer expansion, makes us feel high and blissful as it is targets the same structures in the brain as THC (the active ingredient in cannabis)

• Antioxidants – Slows damage to cells by free radicals

There is also a very small percentage of caffeine in Keith’s Cacao – roughly the equivalent of what is found in a cup of tea. You therefore don’t get that caffeine crash!

Cacao can be enjoyed at any time during the day, it is what feels right to you – I have found that it works well with me in the morning as it is a way to get focussed and set up for the day. Previously I struggled in the mornings it was literally a roll out of bed and chase my tail for the day. Inviting mama cacao into my mornings has led to so many changes in my life over the past 10 months.

If you would like to join me and share a cacao experience please do reach out.

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